The dust is definitely off the long-considered reputation of e-bikes being just bikes for less sportive people! Teenagers, athletic adults and amateur athletes have the greatest fun on their e-bikes, and we’re not surprised, because it has loads of fabulous pros over the typical bike.

E-Bike Pros

Let’s start with the electric motor, because it provides the perfect support when driving uphill. With this assistance, even larger gradients can drive relaxed and relaxed. This gives the e-bike the ability to be a means of transportation for all generations and for a variety of fitness levels.

An e-bike is also an ideal alternative to the car. With little effort, short distances can be relaxed and can be achieved as well as any goal in the city. An e-bike does not produce harmful exhaust gases and is therefore an important component of e-mobility.

E-bikes are good for your health. The motor support eliminates enormous power peaks, a movement in the ideal pulse range is promoted. This activates both the cardiovascular system and the fat burning.

In recent years, the e-bike has experienced a real boom and in Austria alone in 2018 about 149,400 e-bikes were sold. The number of electric bikes sold thus continues to rise steadily. Despite the high sales figures, the e-bike rental is very much in trend and especially in the Arlberg region with 350 beautiful marked MTB routes.

Our e-bike rental at the Arlberg

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In our E-MTB Guide you will find everything about the optimal driving techniques.

Sport Matt E-MTB
Driving Technique Guide

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