Ski boots can be absolutely comfortable! All too quickly, a day in the snow turns into an oppressive nightmare if the ski boot doesn’t fit perfectly. An individual ski boot fitting is not only something for professionals, everyone can have a ski boot made to measure.


Ski boots are the link between your sports equipment – your skis – and you. They are used for power transmission and influence your driving behavior. A perfectly fitting ski boot supports, relieves the foot and protects. No two feet are the same, each is unique. For a perfect fit of the ski boot, the focus is therefore on the highest possible individuality.

Starting with a detailed consultation, we bring in all of our knowledge to fit your ski boot perfectly to your foot.

With a precise, custom-made sole that shows 100% of your arch, with the production of your own wooden last or with the foaming of your liner – a perfectly fitting ski boot guarantees you more performance and a more precise power transmission.

You don’t have a suitable shoe yet? Come to our store, we will be happy to advise you!

The team from
Sport Matt

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