Everyone is talking about the e-bike and more and more athletes are switching from the usual MTBs to e-mountain bikes, because the Trendbike opens the personal performance horizons enormously.

Have you ever ridden an electric bike?

If you are a beginner, you should know that the driving technique is very different from the classic one. Only with the right driving technique, you are safe and fun on the road. Our e-bike guide informs you in the best way!

E-MTB driving technique guide

Part 1 – The basic position

The basis of all driving techniques is the basic position. To do this, you leave the sitting position and stand on the pedals, cranks horizontally, so your body weight is fully distributed on the pedals, the hands grap the handles and carry no load. The basic position of the E-MTB consists of three parts. These are the position of the body’s center of gravity, the viewing direction and pedal position and arm and leg posture.

In steep downhill terrain, the center of gravity shifts to the rear and in flat terrain further forward. The direction should be as far-sighted as possible, so you can quickly perceive a possible obstacle and find a solution idea. The pedals are horizontal and your favorite pedal should always be in front and stay. The knee joints are slightly angled, the heels at the same height as the pedal axis. The position of the arms is exactly the opposite, because your arms should be strongly bent and the elbows pushed far outwards, because this posture ensures optimal ergonomics in the arm movement.

The E-MTB driving technique guide will continue in our next news article. We are looking forward to the upcoming summer season and this year again the top E-MTB models in our e-bike rental are waiting for you.

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E-BIKE festival St. Anton 2019

At the E-bike festival from 21st to 23rd June 2019 experienced as well as incipient e-bike cyclists will start trial runs on specially designed test tracks near the Arlberg WellCom. Professionals give tips and tricks. A special highlight is the Thule E-Bike Rally. In this tour, as many as possible stamps must be collected on over 70 kilometers and 2,000 meters of altitude. Further information HERE >