With the right technique, you can get over the obstacles even with the extra weight of an E-MTB and enjoy your ride as you drive.

E-MTB driving technique guide

Part 4 – Overcoming obstacles

If thick roots or sloping branches on the trail hinder your ride, you would use a conventional mountain bike to forcefully pull up the front and then the rear wheel to master this obstacle. If you were to use the same technique on an E-MTB, you would fail to overcome the obstacle due to the higher weight of the E-MTB.

The right technique for the e-mountain bike is: Lots of momentum and dynamic body movement!

As soon as you see the branch or the root, you stand down, go into a deep posture and push your handlebars forward. Your arms are stretched out and your body goes backwards.

This will make your front wheel light and as soon as it touches or rests on the obstacle, you will dynamically jump out of your legs and take the rear wheel with your wedged feet.

If uphill many pave roots your trail, you should remain honor sit – in contrast to conventional MTB, so you give a lot of pressure on the rear wheel, otherwise the engine would make sure that slips your rear wheel.

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Only a few weeks and we celebrate together with you the summer & bike season. We have many tips on routes and equipment, and all the top models in our E-MTB rentals are waiting to be tested and run by you.

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E-BIKE festival St. Anton 2019

At the E-bike festival from 21st to 23rd June 2019 experienced as well as incipient e-bike cyclists will start trial runs on specially designed test tracks near the Arlberg WellCom. Professionals give tips and tricks. A special highlight is the Thule E-Bike Rally. In this tour, as many as possible stamps must be collected on over 70 kilometers and 2,000 meters of altitude. Further information HERE >