#stayfitathome – Fatburner BURPEES


BURPEES are a whole-body exercise and really get your cardiovascular system going. They are so popular because they are a combination exercise that consists of 3 highly effective exercisessquat, push-up and stretch jump.

At Burpees, many large muscle groups are challenged at the same time – back, thigh, buttocks and abdominal muscles as well as shoulder and arm muscles.

Let’s do Burpees!

This exercise with your own weight is a combination of pushups and jumps.

You start the burpee in a hip-wide position, from which you then lean forward and your hands to the ground and your feet to a deep push-up position.

From this you push yourself back up into the shoulder-wide position and jump up. Swing your arms towards the ceiling. You can hold them out or clap your hands.

After this jump up, you land again with your legs hip-width apart on the ground – in the starting position – and flow smoothly into a push-up.

🏆 The first burpee is done &
the really challenging thing comes now: on to the next burpee – let’s go on!

Fatburner Burpee

Burpees are diaphoretic and highly effective. As a beginner, you should always pay attention to breaks so that your circulation can keep up with your pace.

Burpees are true masters of burning fat and burn lots of calories in no time. On average, you burn 1.4 calories per burbee.

A training success sets in very quickly and burpees will soon inspire you with a high afterburn effect and improved condition.

Have fun with the burpees! Stay healthy and #stayfitathome!

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Sport Matt