Narrow curves, steep terrain … even when uphill, there are some things to consider with the E-MTB. We will explain you the best techniques and also have helpful tips for you.

E-MTB driving technique guide

Part 3 – The uphill

With a rising front wheel you quickly lose control, because it no longer provides guidance. That’s why: When the front wheel rises, it’s best to brake and shift your weight forward. To do this, you angle your arms, bend the upper body forward and slips a bit towards the saddle nose. If it gets steeper you should pedal while standing.

In order to drive as efficiently as possible, you need a high cadence – after this criterion, you also select your support level. To be safe, you should also consider the nature of the terrain when choosing the level of support. For example, “Turbo” would only be well chosen if the surface is very grippy. Otherwise, the power would be so considerable that the rear wheel would spin on loose ground & you should avoid that.

The E-MTB allows you to drive routes and gradients that would not be easy to master without a drive. Also, the gear selection is usually higher than in a conventional MTB, resulting in a quieter kick and higher control, because the lower the gear selection the less circular is the kick and the higher the power consumption.

A low gear and a not too high support level are very well chosen for the start on the steep slope. So you can start quietly and also come faster and better in balance.

Many mountain bikers can not ride switchbacks on steep terrain. However, the supportive power of the E-MTB gives the power needed to cope with them with the right technology and good balance. The center of gravity lies in the outside of the curve, the stronger (starting) leg occurs when cornering the pedal forward, the bike is slightly pressed into the curve.

Soon we will start with you in the summer & bike season. We are happy – just like the many top e-mountain bikes in our e-bike rental, to be extended and tested by you.

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E-BIKE festival St. Anton 2019

At the E-bike festival from 21st to 23rd June 2019 experienced as well as incipient e-bike cyclists will start trial runs on specially designed test tracks near the Arlberg WellCom. Professionals give tips and tricks. A special highlight is the Thule E-Bike Rally. In this tour, as many as possible stamps must be collected on over 70 kilometers and 2,000 meters of altitude. Further information HERE >