Especially downhill, driving with the e-bike requires a more sophisticated technique. The electric drive gives the bikers around 300 % more power to their own leg strength available. In addition to this so-called boost factor, the significantly higher weight of the e-mountain bike is added.

We inform you with the second part of our E-MTB driving technique guide about the the right brake technique. With these technical tips, you will always come to a safe and controlled standstill.

E-MTB Driving Technique Guide

Part 2 – Braking

When braking properly, the main focus is on 3 important points. If you pay attention on these, you will safe on your bike also off-road.

    As a brake finger you should actually use only one finger – the index finger of each hand. Beginners can brake – if necessary – also with two fingers. However, with a good setting, it is easy to activate all the braking power with just one finger. The big advantage of single-finger braking is that your other four fingers are on the handle, which means more safety and control. You can always keep your fingers on the brake lever even in very difficult terrain.
    The front brake is the most important brake, because when braking, the weight comes forward, the rear wheel is relieved. On very steep terrain this means for you that the braking force is around 90 % on the front wheel and only 10 % on the rear wheel. An average braking force value would have 70 % at the front and 30 % at the rear wheel. However, on slippery surfaces such as gravel or wet roots you should completely abandon the front brake.
    The stronger your braking the stronger you should shift your center of gravity to the rear by pushing the handlebar forward. An important detail is to keep the legs relatively stretched, thereby keeping the center of gravity very high. So the angle is ideal, how your body weight affects the front wheel.

In our next post, we continue with the third part of our E-MTB Driving Technique Guide. We are looking forward to the upcoming summer season and this year again the top E-MTB models in our e-bike rental are waiting for you.

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