The ever more powerful and lighter e-bike drives in combination with modern wheels and innovative suspension technology allow you to go to your individual performance limit in the area and also conjure up a big smile on your face.

Because the pedal assist allows you to reach your goal relaxed and easy. What a feeling!


In our e-bike rental you can borrow top-modern e-MTB for a really great price and reach your desired destinations on the approximately 350 beautiful and well signposted and marked routes elated.


Our e-bike rental at the Arlberg

E-MTB from € 29

eMTB Hardtail – HAIBIKE SDURO HardSeven 3.0
1 day 35 € / 2 days 68 € / 3 days 99 € / further days 29 €

We look forward to seeing you in our shop. We have plenty of tips on your ideal e-bike, equipment and the best routes.

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In our E-MTB Guide you will find everything about the optimal driving techniques.

Sport Matt E-MTB
Driving Technique Guide

PART 1 – The basic position >

PART 2 – Braking >

PART 3 – The uphill >

PART 4 – Overcoming obstacles >