Dear friends of Sport Matt,

winter is coming 🙂 & we were really happy about the very first snow. Of course, we immediately built our first snowman! This was a welcome change from all the preparations for the early start of the winter season.

On Saturday, 24.11.2018 / 9 o`clock we are going to open our doors for the new winter season.

We are looking forward to celebrate this with you. Further information about our big winter-opening will follow.

Training for ski tours

If you want to be well prepared for ski touring, you should train the basic qualities of strength, endurance, coordination and agility.


With the vast majority of ski tours, it is necessary to withstand longer climbs. For that, you need strength and endurance. Most injuries happen when driving off. Due to lack of strength and endurance, many are already at their limits when they reach the finish and no longer have sufficient power reserves for the downhill. You can train your strength and endurance in the sports swimming, running, cycling, rowing, climbing or even mountaineering.


Through endurance training, your body gains the ability to perform over a longer period of time without fatigue. You can improve your stamina very well with running, cycling, hiking, nordic walking, swimming and cross-country skiing.


With coordinative exercises, you will train your balance and orientation skills, and your responsiveness and agility will be significantly improved. Better reflex response will help you effectively prevent injury. We recommend exercises such as the one-leg stance, the stand scale, lunge with arm extension, lying eight, balancing or you practice in sports such as yoga, climbing or slacklining.

For questions about the ideal equipment or popular ski tour routes, we are always at your disposal.

Sport Matt winter season opening
24.11.2018 / 9 o`clock

We look forward to seeing you and starting the winter together!

The team of
Sports Matt



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