You become a trail runner as soon as you prefer to run outdoors on natural ground instead of a treadmill or on the tarmac. Whether a run around the lake, on the gravel road or through the forest, running in the wild is not only much more fun, it also has many pros.

TRAIL running pros

You improve your fitness

The uneven ground trains the strength of your ankles and flexibility. If you hit roots and rocks you have to adjust your step by step, which improves your coordination and agility. The list could go on endlessly here … We take another point, namely, you train your brain ;-), because on a trail it goes up and down and with this change, your brain needs to completely re-adapt and direct its focus to the immediate task.

You improve your balance

In contrast to asphalt, trails offer you lots of roots, rocks, gravel, curves,… To keep your balance, your body automatically strains your core muscles. This will improve your body awareness and give you a very finely tuned sense of balance.

You boost your mind

Being in the nature has a positive effect on your mental well-being, because walking and running connects the serotonin channel with your musculature. This ensures a positive cognitive effect. In addition, you get a good feeling, because during trail running you overcome and masters obstacles that nature brings (roots, climbs, …), and you don’t run only from A to B.

You feel your attachment to nature

Trail running is ideal for a short break from the urban jungle and you can combine sports with nature.

TRAIL running equipment

As with any sport, with good equipment you will not only have more fun but also increased safety. We are always at your disposal for advice or tips on the best running routes on the Arlberg. We look forward to seeing you in our shop!

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