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Fresh, clear air, sunshine, a dreamlike dormant winter scenery and only the crunching of the snow under your feet – snowshoeing on the Arlberg, an experience with all your senses!

Snowshoeing on the Arlberg

For the first snowshoe tours you should borrow a snowshoe. So you can try first, if you enjoy it and in which direction your shoe should go.

The right snowshoe


Snowshoes are made of plastic or aluminum and have spikes on the bottom side of the frame. At the bottom of the binding, the snowshoe has a claw for grasping – roughly at the height of the football. This claw allows a firm grip on steep terrain or crusty places. For a snowshoe in very steep terrain they should also have so-called climbing aids.


Besides the right material, choosing the right size is very important. Snowshoe sizes – sizes 22 to 30 – have nothing to do with the shoe sizes you know, every binding is flexibly adjustable. These sizes depend on your body weight. From size 22 (up to 70 kg) to size 30 (over 100 kg).


The right hiking shoe for the snowshoe should be ankle-high, waterproof and with a robust sole. We would also recommend you to use gaithers, so you can be sure that no snow gets into your hiking boots.

Are you ready to try the snowshoeing on the Arlberg?

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