Around 1 million active Nordic Walkers in Austria confirm that this type of movement has become an absolute trend sport. The constant, brisk walking with the sticks trains the muscles of the shoulders and the back, promotes bone health and strengthens the cardiovascular system as well as the lung function.

Nordic walking on the Arlberg

Here with us in the region of St. Anton am Arlberg every Nordic Walking fan gets his money’s worth. Around 300 kilometers of marked trails await both experienced and newcomers nestled in a fantastically beautiful, high-alpine landscape.

Nordic Walking – the right technique

Nordic walking technique is very similar to cross-country technique and very easy to learn. The right floor then sits on the ground when the left heel touches down and the other way around – we’re talking about the so-called diagonal gait.

What to look for?

  • diagonal movement execution
  • shoulders are relaxed and easy
  • upper body and hip swing
  • the feet point forward
  • the sticks are led close to the body
  • the hands are slightly open, when stretched to the rear, they are fully opened and grab the stick again when putting on
    press each step firmly with your toes

Nordic Walking – effect

  • relieves the musculoskeletal system by up to 30%
  • is optimal for people with back and knee problems
  • relieves muscle tension in the neck and shoulder area
  • trains the stamina
  • strong the musculature of the upper body
  • improves the performance of the heart and circulation
  • optimally suited for rehabilitation after sports injuries
  • easy and quick to learn
  • optimal fat burning

The right Nordic walking stick

Nordic walking poles should support, guide and dampen. Therefore, the sticks should be light, low vibration and stable. A modern stick is made of aluminum, carbon, carbon or glass fiber. We distinguish fixed-length sticks that are more robust and sturdier, and adjustable-length sticks, telescopic sticks that are easily and quickly adjustable to any body size.

To provide good grip, the stick tip must be hard and pointed. Depending on the floor, the tips can be equipped with different attachments. So soft rubber or asphalt pads are used on hard or asphalted ground and on softer forest and dirt roads are usually metal tips for use.

Also very important is the right loop system. Particularly good sticks provide an intelligent system with easy handling. Minimal connection with maximum power transmission. The loosening or fixing of the loop works in a matter of seconds.

On the stick-length it depends! To calculate the optimal pole length, the following rule of thumb applies: Body height in cm multiplied by 0.66. This length (two thirds of the body size) guarantees a natural, physiological movement. Too long sticks provoke evasive rotational movements in elbow and shoulder joint, which leads to permanent tension.

Warm up & stretching

Exercises to warm up and stretch should be an integral part of every (even if so short) Nordic Walking unit. Ideally, avoid jerky movements and hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds.

We are happy to advise you on the selection of poles and of course have tips on especially beautiful Nordic Walking routes for you.

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